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About Our Firm

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How and When to Contact a Long term Disability Attorney

Why Choosing RBA is Your Best Strategy

What we do when a professional is wrongly denied on a disability claim (appeals, bad faith and other issues.

Ray Bourhis

Eric Whitehead

       Matthew Bourhis

Suzanne McCafferty

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­Managing Your Policy  

Long Term Disability Insurance FAQs

Purchasing Disability Insurance

Insurance Survival Tips

Disability Insurance Glossary

Ten Things Your Insurance Company May Not Want You to Know

Navigating the Insurance Claim Maze

 Top Ten Reasons for Long Term Disability Denial

What To Look For/Look Out For : Disability Insurance

So You Thought You Had Disability Insurance

Own Occupation

Corresponding with Your Insurance Company

How to Talk Back to Your Insurance Company

Social Security Set-Offs

Long Term Disability Insurance Policy Buyouts

Is Your Disability Denial Bad Faith?    

Recovering Long Term Disability Benefits, Costs, and Damages

Do You Need Help with Your Long-Term Disability Claim?

When To Contact A Long Term Disability Attorney

Dealing with a Long Term Disability Claim

Underpayment Offers from Long-Term Disability Insurance Companies

Disabiling Medical Conditions


Fibromyalgia and the Long Term Disability Insurance Claim


Spinal and Back Injuries

Chronic Fatigue

Bipolar Depression





Brain Head Injury

Auto Immune Disease


Heart Disease


 What we do for other professionals with long-term disabilities

What we do for physicians who have long-term disabilities

What we do for professionals who have ERISA issues



Case Studies





Insurance Companies



In the News

Interview with Ray Bourhis

Disability Claim Denied!

        Disability in Dispute

Beyond the Courthouse

Crusading lawyers lead charge against UnumProvident

Federal Judge Issues Injunction Against Disability Insurance Giant UnumProvident

Hundreds Sue Largest Disability Insurer

State Insurance Watchdog Survives Agency Assault

Nasty Business

Federal judge orders UnumProvident to clean up practices

The ERISA Trap

UnumProviden: Heads Should Roll at the Highest Levels…



The ERISA Trap

Tort claims aren’t always preempted by ERISA

ERISA Warning

Former Policyholder Takes Insurer to Task

ERISA Disability Insurance Purchased at the Workplace – Key Points

Long Term Disability Risks for Professional Athletes



What? I’m being sued by my insurance company?

Own Occupancy Insurance Policies

Total Disability vs. Residual Disability

Before You File Your Long Term Disability Claim

Understanding Punitive Damages in Long Term Disability Cases

Understanding Present Value Calculations

Premiums, Taxes and Fees…What you Need to Pay Now, and after LTD Payments begin; and What you Might Expect to Owe the IRS

The Real Definition of And How Residual Disability Deprives Claimants of their Rightful Benefits

Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Long Term Disability

California Long Term Disability Bad Faith Law – A Fair Deal for Policyholders

Psychiatric Disability Paper Review Finds Aetna Abused Discretion Kuntz v Aetna

Beware of the “Partial” Long-Term Disability Claim

Partial Long-Term Disability Benefits: hard to define in California

Does ERISA help you or hurt you?

Leaving Money on the Table

Why Long-Term Disability Insurers Say “No”





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